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Hai I’m Gita Rismawati, a young mother of 3 kids 🤭
I started to wear Hijab at High School but well, it was still on and off.
Only at the final semester of college i finally fully wear a hijab.
And even then I’m wearing a short hijab like a scarf or pashmina.

Wearing it so that it looks more stylish and hits making it only cover the head, not covering the chest.
Besides that, I still like to wear pants and jeans that… well you can imagine it 🙈

After getting married at year 2012, there’s this desire to fix my appearance on how I dressed myself. From how I usually wear a t-shirt for top, now I started to wear a long armed shirts or a tunic so that it was more longer and loose/baggy.

Until at last I ran into a book “Yuk Berhijab (Let’s Wear Hijab)” a work from Ustadz Felix Siauw. The cover looks really cute, so I really want to read it 😅  That book then become a way for me to be determined to change(Hijrah) my appearance on how I dressed myself.


Yes, bismillah.. Hijrah to become more better and hopping for ya Allah’s Blessing, I have to be ready 100% to face any consequence.

Even at the start I feel ‘foreign’ and different in appearance between my siblings and the rest of my families. I’m alone using a long hijab and wearing a long skirt everyday when going out.

When I decided to Hijrah, to be honest I really didn’t prepare anything. I feel really confused when I opened my dresser when I was about to go out or working. Because I still don’t have a fitting dress to go out 😥
The only dress that was worth wearing for my Hijrah at that time was only 2 pieces. A skirt that I wear for my photo shoot at my prewed and a Syar’i dress that i usually wear to go to someone else wedding and etc.
Not to mention, at that time our economic condition were limited. I didn’t have the heart to demand money from my husband to buy a dress.

Yes, at that time we’re at our lowest point, let alone buying clothes, not to mention the price for Syar’i dress back then on average were half a Million Rupiah, even for eating we share one pack of wrapped TO rice (an Indonesian cheap food that only cost 7000 rupiah). 😁
Alright, bismillah… Anyway I just washed it, dried it, and then use it again 😅
It’s really lucky if I were sleeping at my mother’s place, I can borrow her dress or my siblings dress so that I didn’t wear the same dress over and over again 🤭

Oh yes at that time my husband were working at one of Syariah Bank as a contracted employees before in the end resigned and opened a small culinary business.
The culinary business soon got closed down, then my husband started to learn online business.

Back then, my husband were selling various kind of stuff. Just anything as long as it could make a profit 😁 At that time there’s a Prayer Hijab, Cosmetics, Bags to a Kids Toys. Even though he was selling a girls product but masyaAllah he didn’t even feel the least bit embarrassed 🤗
Alhamdulillah, since then our economic condition started to get better.


Getting back to the story of my Hijrah, as a muslimah I became even more sure I want to fix myself from clothes and my appearance, to Hijrah from how I dressed carelessly that only cover aurat thoughlessly to become more covered and making sure the aurat were covered securely. After our economy got better, I was very passionate to buy a new dress. 😍

But truthfully, it turns out it was not that easy, at that time even I could feel that there’s a few problem such as :

  1. A Syar’i dress and the khimar at that time were very expensive, one set of Syar’i dress were half a million rupiah or even more.
  2. Then I found that was more cheap, however I wasn’t able to stand the heat when wearing it because the material weren’t breathable so making it not ‘cool’. Even though I was still learning, the materials were not comfortable making me really uncomfortable.
  3. Hijab syar’i At that time the color were still old and dark. It’s sooo not ME and i’m just not confident because it looks old.
  4. The design were just like that too making it looks more old.

In short, after a few months then I started to help my husband in my free time, in the end I got an idea to be more serious and to be focused on our online business.


From there then born Sheika which were the representation of myself.

Not only becoming a solution to every problem above, Sheika is my visual identity. Sheika is everything I love.
Sheika’s Collections are :

  1. The color is sweet, fresh and cheerful.
  2. The design were simple but it’s still fashionable and not stiff.
  3. The material must be breathable so that it could be comfortable and cool when wearing it.
  4. The price must be affordable based on the quality.
  5. Aaannddd 1 thing which I LOVE the most, Sheika borned various motif that were Fresh and Cute. But not only that, behind the motif there’s a story and a love message as a remainder also as a knowledge for my own self and also for Sheilova (A person who likes/loves our product).

My main hope for Sheika is, I want to give solution for young muslimah that want to Hijrah on their appearance and how to dress up without looking old, still fresh and become their own self, still comfortable not hot and all kind of emotions I felt back then.

To be exact I want Sheika to exist in the middle of young muslimah, to invite and to become a way for young muslimah to Hijrah.

More than that, together with Sheika I want to spread point – point of Islam from every collections of Sheika. So not only as a needs to wear Hijab Syar’i but also can deliver a love message in every motif, also from the design collection.

Sheika want to be a friend for Hijrah to every muslimah that gave a meaning on every process.
Sheika Accompany Your Hijrah


Dress Grisha

We research this Grisha for an elegant and beautiful appearance so that everyone who wears it has a comfortable experience. Paired with A beautiful Sheika signature flower motif with a special SHEIKA letters spread all around the dress motif for sheikalova. The combination with asymmetric plain cutting fabrics in the same color makes the look unique and makes you look taller and slimmer. The character of the fabric is light and flowy but has volume, so it will falls when worn.
Wudhu friendly with rubber on the wrist and sweet remmple accents, it makes praying outside of your home more practical and easy. There's also a hidden pocket on the right side of the dress, in case you need to put something more important close to you.


Dress Mikazuki

Dress Mikazuki was inspired from a country called Japan, Mikazuki has a meaning of a Crescent Moon, that is why the motif of this dress has a moon and a cloud in it. Other than that there's a motif of a Sakura Flower that not only beautiful but it also became a symbol of hope for Japanese peoples. There's a lot of lesson that could be taken from this flower. One of them taught us to be grateful at living... Because life is a cycle, there's happiness and sadness, vacant and narrow, life and death, etc. However of course there's a wisdom inside it, insyaAllah 😇


Dress Safwa

This Dress Safwa has a beautiful pleats in the middle variation of the body and a waist strap that make this dress looks stylish and graceful. There is 8 variation color of this dress that make it more colorful.


Dress Tisha

This Dress will make you more cute and graceful as you go out to work or just simply playing outside. With a material that will not make you hot under the sun.


Dress Maira

This Maira Dress will make you more stylish and beautiful. With a combination of colors that will make you more cheerful and full of energies.


Dress Shanelly

Inspired from Al-Quran Surah An-Nahl that means 'Bee'. Then this Shanelly dress was born with a 'Bee' motif theme. There is a hexagon element, a Bee Hive Symbol. Sun flower as a place where the bee absorb the flower nectar with a Sheika Symbol in the middle.


Dress Hayme

Inspired from a Country called Turkey then this Hayme dress was born. With a composition theme of a Tulip Flower, Haghia Shopia silhouette and a Turkey Symbol. We hope this dress could remind all of us the glory of ISLAM from when it was the Dynasty of Utsmaniyah.


Dress Aashna

Syar'i Dress Aashna created with a motif theme LOVE. Composed from a brush element in a shape of a heart. Selected from a jashmine flower which has a symbol of LOVE. Also a font that reads SINCERITY. We hope that this dress could carry a messages Love & SINCERITY.

IMG_5134 + nama

Dress Lyra

We want to deliver an Energetic message & a Positive Vibes. Sheika has created a Syar'i Dress called Lyra with a motif that has a positive font. We selected a flower and a cute base color.

Lakshy_191112_0072 (FILEminimizer)

Dress Lakshy

To commemorate Indonesian Independence days, at that time Sheika has created a Syar'i Dress called Lakshy. With a 'Batik' motif combined with a flower. Sheika want to invite peoples to love Indonesia, to take up 'Batik' as a most valuable culture.


Naureen Walnut

This Naureen Dress was created by Sheika with a Flower motif theme as a main base that will make you look fresh, elegant and stylish.

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